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   Contact us - Ditital Photo Printing Software

After you order from Our online registration service provider, then we will send you the Registration Code in 24 hours,if you have not got the code, or you have lost your Registration Code, you can email us and I will personally re send your registration code. (Please include your registered name, registered E-mail, Regsoft/Plimus Order# and as much order information as possible, as it will be easier to locate your order in the database.) 
Email: Product Sales --- sales@ussun.com 
For all guest, support is available via e-mail. Please read the FAQ first and if you have any additional questions or problems. 
Email: Customer Support --- support@ussun.com
If you are interested in exchanging links with us, or found any bugs on our web pages. 
Email: Links --- sunghj@ussun.com


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